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Rational use of the auction house - WoW Classic guide 
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Сообщение Rational use of the auction house - WoW Classic guide
WoW Classic Gold has always been one of the most needed materials for players. As a universal currency in the game, you need to use it for any transaction you make on Azeroth, especially if you haven't got a mount yet, it takes a long time to accumulate enough WoW Classic Gold. What you need to know is that you only need to consume 100 gold to buy a level 40 mount.
But if you want to buy a 60-level faction epic mount, you need to prepare 1000 gold for it, not only that, but you also need to spend an extra 100 gold to learn advanced riding. To solve these problems, there is a very simple way to Buy WOW Classic Gold so that you can buy what you want to the auction house. However, for most players, it is very difficult to get enough Gold in a short time.
Blizzard said the problem has been resolved, and those who maliciously exploit the bug will be punished accordingly. Why are you still hesitating? Hurry up to visit MMOWTS to buy Cheap WOW Classic Gold!

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