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How do I see their flaws in other categories? 
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Сообщение How do I see their flaws in other categories?
I mostly made RS3 gold this thread to ask for ideas that one guy could do to have fun without being in a clan. It seems quite ludicrous, actually, since the MMO- label implies you have to have other folks to have fun, but I do not know. I do remember walking as a newcomer and being awed with just how big the area of RS was, but the magic definitely lost. And like most gamers which are here, we're beyond the time of being able to grind for a few hours straight in one skill. Achievements of abilities are fun if you value that, but I got tired of levelling when I hit 106. Just too much work to get a +1 in the level.

To some extent, coming back as a nostalgic gamer may not be the best thing. There probably is going to be the usual expected'If you do not like this game, then go find a game you like and play it' answer, and that's fine. But I did not think it would hurt if I came here and asked for a couple suggestions:, who knows, I might have some fun whatsoever.

Other info: I am not likely to get mems anytime soon. Str is greatest at 93, with Range being in 60+ and Magic being 72 iirc. Adequate quantity of food I pumped up for clan wars (mostly Tuna and a lot of uncooked lobs), Explorers Ring 4 with free meals also. I would not mind dunging when it was not for the long time it took to clear a dung, has anything changed for dunging because, idk, 1.5 decades ago? I also wouldn't mind pretending to play because the gender I am in-game (that is obviously a male ~.

Fundamentally, with the huge shift to battle in general, how has armour shifted? From what I've noticed, I have these questions: Armor no more give assault bonuses, what incentive do I have to say in my class-appropriate armor? The new d'hide/ purple robes/ rune seem to have exactly the same defensive/life bonuses. How does that work? Why will I use rune then Theroretically, as offensive bonuses no more come from armor, even if I'm a safespotting mage/archer, sporting poor armor should not place me in any drawback in comparison with someone wearing the best possible armor. Is that right?

Not really an armor query, but for example, Spiders are feeble to crush. How do I see their flaws in other categories? How can I tell which element of spell is most suited at coping with them, or which type of ammunition I should use? Or if I forget completely about trying to use anything apart from melee against these? I've heard most of the weapons are balanced now, is it the exact same situation for armor? AKA will I be able to use string mail against a crush competitor without dropping defensive bonuses? Square shields and Medium helms too, did they get any updates that push them into viability? I have to acknowledge the new update is hugely confusing and I'm still trying to find out the cheap RS gold basics. I appreciate some help. Thanks!

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Сообщение Re: How do I see their flaws in other categories?

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